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how to fix worn spots on kitchen cabinetsKitchen cabinet especially, wood cabinet surfaces, can make worn spots from wear and tear or any other accidental damages. Now you can ask how to fix worn spots on kitchen cabinets?

Well, it’s not a big issue; you can solve it at home if it doesn’t go to any significant problem. Fixing or replacing the kitchen may be out of your budget instantly. Replacing or refinishing will take some days, and you need expensive materials.

Considering those points, we go to share some practical tips and tricks that you can try to fix the minor problems of the wood cabinet. Plus, you can stay in your budget and can give a new look at your office within a low budget material.

How to fix worn spots on kitchen cabinets?

A few methods have shown up below that will work well to fix worn spots on kitchen cabinets.

How to repair kitchen cabinets with stain

Are your stained cabinet still usable but worn out the top of it, you can decide to give a different look of it applying a new stain easily and quickly. Just follow the below instruction.

1. Use a damp cloth to wipe cabinets clean so that it is clear that where the surface imperfections stay. Before going to the next step, confirm the areas that need to fix are clean and dry.

2. To clean the cabinet, you can use TSP mixing with water. Try to remove the old stain as much as possible.

3. To cover the surface area, use a strain maker that will match the strain of the cabinets. If you are confirmed about the manufacture of your cabinet, you will be able to order the right stain maker from the right company. But if you are not sure, you should buy one more color to test the makers that match finely with the cabinet.

4. Follow the pointed instruction on the spray and spray polyurethane over the scratch of the cabinet.

5. Polish deeper scratches or tiny dents smoothly with the help of the rough cleaning pad to buff away the jaggy boundaries.

6. Apply wood putty glue to finish kitchen matching the color so that you can fill the existed scratch of the cabinet. Now wipe away the excess color. Though the wood putty won’t harden completely, you should use stain wood filler so you won’t need ever sanding or drilling it.

7. Follow the manufacturer manual to spray to fix up the worn spot with polyurethane.

How to fix scratches on wood cabinets with paint

As you use stain to restore the cabinet, you can also restore the cabinet painting the surface that will look so better than before. To complete this job, follow the step.

1. Try to remove old paint on the surface of the cabinet as much as possible with paint stripper. Then take a sharp scraper and use where you need to remove all traces from the old finish.

2. In the next step, use wood filler to fix any scratches and other forms of the top or surface damages.

3. When the new surface dry finishes the task using the sandpaper smoothly, use the sandpaper for the first time 100-grit, then 180-grit, and 220-grit at last stage.

4. Paint the scratch area with the color that you like. Before trying to apply the sealer, clean the surface using a track or damp cloth.

5. When you can feel that the surface dried, wipe the surface smoothly with steel wool. Then you need to use tack cloth again to remove left behind dust as finishing touch.

How to repair kitchen cabinets with water damage?

If you want to know how to repair a water damaged wood cabinet, you can follow the below step that helps you to fix the issue quickly with no trouble.

Method: 1

At first, weigh up the damage of your kitchen cabinet because you need to understand precisely where the damage is staying. Your lovely cabinet may be wet from the burst pipe or leaking any pipe of the kitchen.

If you find out the kitchen cabinet water damage, you should think, can you fix it only glue in the first step simply. Has there any plywood warped? How much your cabinet has damaged? Is your cabinet strong enough to hold weight? Is it waterlogged?

Make out the answer to the following question that will assist you in deciding what actually you have to do. They will perform easier your task to fix the damage of the cabinet. You can handle it professionally.

Method: 2

Assess the structural damage, and then you can consider what must be repaired. To dry the damage spaces allow the dampness, and now you will prepare to make a decision.

Dry the damaged spot and evaluate what types of steps you have to need to take, and after that, gather the elements that you need. Generally, you must collect carpenter’s glue, screwdriver, clamps. Keep in mind, and if you use the cabinet for a long time, you have to handle the damaged spot professionally.

Method: 3

When you become aware of the damaged parts of your cabinet, you can fix it at home. But if it’ll damage a large part, you should replace it.

As an example, you can think that the bottom self of the under-sink cabinet may be damaged or waterlogged; you have no other option without replacing it. Considerable damage can’t fix, and it can be more complicated. So think it a professional look and make your mind how you proceed.

How to fix cabinets that are peeling

Kitchen cabinets become bothered every day when they are not right to use. You should fix the peeling dashboard cabinet with the matching paint. Don’t try to use another paint that won’t match the color of the house.

You can make an excellent solution to this issue, only $5 or $6 by an easy Dying process. It gives a new look at the old cabinet and hides the chips.

Final words:

Now, you can think about how to fix worn spots on kitchen cabinets? We know the last time it was tough to believe for you how to fix the damaged cabinet in a short time. But it makes it easy for your not only to think or gather idea but also you have the courage to take the proper step to do it.

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